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Our friends share their diving experiences with us and we would like to share them with you

Photo: Ms. Anne Sablatura, a Rota visitor, on the USS Orriskaney Photo: Hayashi group making their diving plans for the week Photo: Hayashi group's final barbeque night Photo: Mr. Douglas Skilang on a recent trip to Rota

Photo: Mr. Murasaki and friends Photo: Nanette Alexander, Ms. Yukiko Ono, Mr. Takaaki Kanematsu and Mark Michael Photo: Joe Paran and Nick Rolls of Saipan  Photo: Nanette Alexander, Mr. and Mrs. Sugiura, Mark Michael, Ms. Keiko Tsuda, Mr. and Mrs. Hayashi and Ms. Nobuko Sudo Photo: Mr. and Mrs. Kawahata and Nanette Alexander Photo: Lynne and Mark Michael, Ms. Hisami Fujio, Mr. and Mrs. Hayashi and Edgar Tuazon Photo: Ms. Mayuki Kebukawa and Ms. Mako Yamaki in front of Dive Rota Photo: Mr. Euguchi and friends topside

Photo: Ms. Eri Kaiho with her friend  Photo: Mrs. Tomoko Sugiura and Mark Michael Photo: Divemaster Nanette Alexander and Mrs. Tomoko Sugiura underwater Photo: Scott Crockett Photo: Visitors from Japan, Mark Michael, Ryan Calvo and Nanette Alexander Photo: Mr. Masamitsu Iwata Photo: Mr. Danny Sasakura and Mr. Yoshinori Hagihira Photo: Bill Hannum of Hawaii

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