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Our friends share their diving experiences with us and we would like to share them with you

Mr. Masamitsu Iwata Ms. Eri Kaiho with her friend Mrs. Tomoko Sugiura and Mark Michael Divemaster Nanette Alexander and Mrs. Tomoko Sugiura underwater Scott Crockett Mr. Euguchi and friends topside Ms. Mayuki Kebukawa and Ms. Mako Yamaki in front of Dive Rota Visitors from Japan, Mark Michael, Ryan Calvo and Nanette Alexander Lynne, Mark, Ms. Hisami Fujio, Mr. and Mrs. Hayashi and Edgar Tuazon Mr. and Mrs. Kawahata and Nanette Alexander Nanette Alexander, Mr. and Mrs. Sugiura, Mark Michael, Ms. Keiko Tsuda, Mr. and Mrs. Hayashi and Ms. Nobuko Sudo Joe Paran and Nick Rolls of Saipan Nanette Alexander, Ms. Yukiko Ono, Mr. Takaaki Kanematsu and Mark Michael Mr. Murasaki and friends Mr. Douglas Skilang on a recent trip to Rota Hayashi group making their diving plans for the week Hayashi group's final barbeque night Anne Sablatura, a Rota visitor, on the USS Orriskaney Bill Hannum of Hawaii Tim Rock of Guam Bow Riding Paling it up with the boat operator Drinking with the boys 2011 MMT Survey Crew Guam divers in selfie

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