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Shoun Maru

The Shoun Maru was a Japanese transport ship of 4,396 tons that brought supplies, munitions and equipment to the island of Rota.

On the morning of June 23, 1944 during a sweep over Rota a Navy Gruman TBF Avenger (Torpedo Bomber), with VC-4 off of the U.S.S. White Plains (CVE-66) from Task Force 58 and flown by pilot Lt. Edward R. Fichensher, caught the ship by surpise at anchor in the back part of Sasanhaya bay.

After his initial pass he came back around to line up a perfect shot and dropped an aerial torpedo that hit the sitting duck supply ship amidships causing secondary explosions. Extensive damage was done and the ship's sinking where it was anchored came about quickly.

Photos of this incident were taken by a person listed as "Johnson" from the U.S.S. White Plains (CVE-66) and the photo collection is viewable below.

Today the ship lies on the white sandy bottom at 100-110 feet of Sasanhaya Bay and is a favorite diving site.

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