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This is the book corner and some of our reading suggestions.

Books in this section are my personal choices and have to do with diving, the ocean or the Northern Mariana Islands

Book - Santa Margarita
   This novel is based on an actual event in history and that is the ill-fated and disastrous voyage of the Manila Galleon    "Santa Margarita."

   The book was an interesting read to me personally as I have worked on the excavation of the wreck site of this ship off the    reef of Rota.

   Can be purchased here - Amazon

Book - Flotsametrics    The floating Nike's story and the man, Curtis Ebbesmeyer, who studied flotsam-floating trash and revolutionized the    study of the world's oceans.

   Even readers with little interest in ocean science will be riveted by the author's chronicle of the epic travels of oceanic    trash, the entertaining explanations of how floating debris guided Christopher Columbus and the Vikings to safe    harbors, the horrific stories of men adrift at sea, how flotsam may have triggered the origin of life and frighteningly, the    warnings of the threat that an increasing avalanche of plastic waste poses to the oceans.

   I have personally met Mr. Ebbesmeyer and as a world leading authority on things floating around the oceans he is quite    an intersting person with some great stories. Maybe you remember the cargo container that fell in the ocean with all    those Nike shoes or the famous rubber duckies, well this is the gentleman who tracked them.

A captivating account of the man who turned beachcombing into a science. Can be purchased here - FLOTSMETRICS and the Floating World

He also publishes a newsletter the "Beachcombers Alert!" which canbe seen here - Beachcombers Alert - Newsletter

Book - Memories & Music - The Japanese Era on Rota

   This publication preserves a unique time in the history of Rota through interviews, songs and first person accounts. As a    bi-lingual publication, the indigenous Chamorro language is paired with translations in English to promote the    preservation of the Chamorro language. The book and accompanying CD's make available a body of information that    would otherwise be lost or unavailable to historians and the public.

   Book Review - Memories & Music - The Japanese Era on Rota

   Can be purchased here Amazon

Publication Micronesia Submerged Cultural Rersources Assessment
   Submerged Resources Center Professional Report No. 10 by Carrell, Toni L., 1991, National Park Service

   This report on the submerged cultural resources of Micronesia was generated from the results of numerous underwater    projects conducted in this part of the work by the NPS SRC. Any student of Micronesian history or archeology should    find it a useful overview from which to frame out more intensive research of specific   submerged sites.

   A copy in pdf form is available here: Micronesia Submerged Cultural Resources Assessment

Book - Patrol Area 14    As the war in the Pacific progressed, the role of the US submarines evolved to meet the challenges confronting the    United States Navy in the Western Pacific. This story is vividly portrayed in Patrol Area 14 and details the exploits of    the US submarines in one specific patrol area of the Pacific Ocean, the waters of the Mariana Islands, whose control    became essential to victory in the Pacific for the United States and defeat for Japan. Patrol Area 14 describes the    submarine patrols from solitary patrols beginning in 1942 to aggressively patrolling the offshore waters, to bold    approaches to harbor entrances, to sinking ships within sight of the   islands in spite of determined Japanese air and sea    anti-submarine efforts and supporting the US invasions of the islands in 1944.

   About the Author
   Dave Lotz is currently the Historian for the War in the Pacific National Historical Park on Guam and American    Memorial Park on Saipan and on the Guam Historic Preservation Review Board and the Board for the Guam    Preservation Trust. He has previously authored The Best Tracks on Guam, The Guam Guide, and World War II    Remnants, Guam and Northern Mariana Islands. Dave has explored Guam, Rota, Aguiguan, Tinian, Saipan, and Pagan while researching the islands’ World War II history. He has previously held positions as the Guam Parks Administrator and Conservation Resources Chief at Andersen Air Force Base, Guam.

If you are interested in this book you can order it here: Xlibris Author Bookstore

Book - Rota Blue Coffee
   Rota Blue Coffee

   Forest coffee discovered on the US island of Rota through six miracles

   This book is another interesting read for me personally as I have known and worked with its author over the    past 20 years mostly in regards to the Rota triathlons.

   The author, Kiyokazu Onishi, documents his long association with the island of Rota through the Rota Blue    Triathlon. Through a series of serendipitous events (Onishi calls them miracles) he pursued the possibility    that coffee trees existed on Rota. The Rota Department of Lands and Natural Resources Resident Director,    David Calvo, found groves of trees in the As Akoddo district and a unique project was begun with the help of    crowdfunding support by the KFC Triathlon Club. It is Onishi’s hope that Rota Blue Coffee will become a    viable local product and source of income for the people of Rota.

   Can be purchased here - Amazon

Book - There's Something About Saipan    It's difficult to explain it to your friends back home! There's just something about Saipan, but you can't find the right    words, plus they'd need to know about Chamorro and Carolinian history, and the colonial eras, and the CW Program and    garment factories, and... oh, heck! It'll take too long! Well, we've got the solution: simply hand them a copy of There's    Something About Saipan! A visitor's guide to fantastic facts, tantalizing trivia, startling statistics, dramatic diaries and    hair-raising history from America's most colorful island territory!

   It's like "Saipan for Dummies" or a "Cliff Notes for Saipan" primer. Each topic has its own one-page, 150-word, bite -    size summary! Give yourself and your loved ones a virtual tour with this insightful, sometimes irreverent, occasionally    politically incorrect look at life, love, legend and lore in the Northern Mariana Islands with historical, cultural,    environmental, economic, political, military, even geological;facts, fictions, truths and tales that make Saipan, Tinian &    Rota unique not just among US territories! Get all the things that make for a fun, memorable tour and easy introduction    to these islands: Tour site descriptions, Facts & fiction, History & hearsay, Scandals & controversy, Illustrated with fun    graphics & historical photos, PLUS: A suggested tour itinerary & checklist and Sources & resources for further research.

Here's a preview of a few pages Book Preview

$9.95 plus shipping PAPERBACK ONLY / 140 pp; 5.06" x 7.81" / ISBN:978-1973852216 / Preview & ORDER at: Discover Saipan

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