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Anybody ever tell you to "Take A Hike" well here's your chance.

Rota has many hiking choices from a stroll on the beach, island roads, jungle paths to some serious cliff line trails.

Hiking Notes:

Purple Button Take water!!! This cannot be emphasized enough. It is very easy to get dehydrated while out hiking as it is hot, humid and you     sweat a lot.

Purple Button Wear a hat, bandana or some type of head protection.

Purple Button Wear a pair of good quality sunglasses.

Purple Button Wear good shoes for the terrain you will be in. Rugged boots or hiking shoes for the jungle preferably with ankle support or reef     shoes/booties for the ocean, tide pools & beaches.

Purple Button Bug repellant for the jungle.

Purple Button Sun screen with the correct protection to match your skin type. This is especially important for the beach or out on the water where     you have the added sun reflection off of the water.

Purple Button Back pack. Good for carrying water, a snack, camera and anything else you think you might need or want.

Purple Button A good machete for serious jungle hiking.

Purple Button It is always good to let someone know where you are going and how long you plan on being out, especially if you plan on some     serious jungle hiking.

Things To Be Aware Of:

Purple Button Boonie bees, a small island wasp that will give you a wicked sting even through blue jeans. You will know it if one stings you.

Purple Button Dehydration - very easy to do. Drink lots of water not alcohol, caffeine or soda with sugar.

Purple Button The Sun!!! Sunburn of varying degrees, sun stroke and heat stroke.

Purple Button Unexploded ordnance - Bombs, bullets, grenades, etc. Rota was the site of WWII action and a lot of things got left behind or     buried. Do not pickup or handle any of these materials as they can still be dangerous even after 70+ years. You can report any     findings to an island resident or the local police.

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