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Depending on your water comfort and snorkeling skills there are many opportunities around the island of Rota.

The following may help you in choosing some of Rota's snorkeling sites:
Shoreline Access Guide for the Islands of Saipan, Tinian and Rota

Rota Snorkeling Advice

Purple Button Observe ocean conditions for a while before entering the water.

Purple Button Do not over estimate your watermanship skills

Purple Button Make a plan before entering the water including alternate exits

Purple Button Make sure you drink plenty of water before your snorkeling trip. The sun and saltwater can dehydrate a person very    quickly.

Purple Button Wear a t-shirt, rash guard or thin wetsuit for sun protection, stinging things in the water and contact with the reef.

Purple Button Boats - If you see or hear a boat while snorkeling, locate the boat and wave to it or hold a fin or your arm up in the    air above your head if it gets close or you think it might get close. Hopefully this will alert the boat operator to your    presence in the water and they can avoid coming close to you and not run over you.

snorkeling icon     For some great snorkeling information see "The Ultimate Guide to Snorkeling."

Things To Be Aware Of

Purple Button Jellyfish. Usually certain times of the year.

Purple Button Dehydration - very easy to do. Some signs of dehydration include headaches and muscle cramps.

Purple Button The Sun!!! Sunburn of varying degrees, sun stroke and heat stroke.

Purple Button Unexploded ordnance - Bombs, bullets, grenades, etc. Rota was the site of WWII action and a lot of things got left    behind or buried. Do not pickup or handle any of these materials as they can still be dangerous even after 70+    years. You can report any findings to an island resident or the local police.

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